Educational Opportunities And Readings

NEDCC online paper preservation course (includes archives and photographs): Preservation 101
This is a series of 8 lessons, each with a set of “self-testing” questions, assignments, paper and online resources.

NEDCC Preservation Leaflets

Video Fact Sheets from the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA). Access to technical Reports and other publications by the Canadian Conservation Institute

CCI Preservation Framework

Flood Recovery Booklet

Pocket Response Plan

A Selective Preservation Bibliography

Preservation Tip Sheets 

 The Evidence in Hand: Report of the Task Force on the Artifact in Library Collections by Stephen G. Nichols and Abby Smith, CLIR, November 2001

Long Term Access to E-Journals by Deanna B. Marcum. CLIR Issues, no. 12 November/December 1999.
Digital Archiving: What We Preserve, Not How by Deanna B. Marcum. CLIR Issues, no. 13, January/February 2000.
The Digital Library and B2B Services by Daniel Greenstein. CLIR Issues, no. 17, September/October 2000
Preventive Measures: All the Print That’s Fit to Save, by Abby Smith. CLIR Issues, no. 16 July/August 2000
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